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Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment Plant nigeria

Welcome to our website of PROPACK TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED and  have a glimpse to our exclusive inventory of manufacturing, processing and packaging equipments for ointment, cream, shampoo, tooth paste, gelatin and variety of its kinds of things. Having winning trade experience of Indian market, we turn over to global market. We also want to achieve success in the market of Abuja, Ibadan, kano, Kaduna, aba, Ogbomosho, Maiduguri, katsina, akure, warri, sokoto, Onitsha and other cities of Nigeria.  

Company was incorporated in the millennium year 2000. Founders of our company, Mr chintan shah and Mr. rajesh panchal are mechanical engineers and incepted the firm with the aim to manufacture and deliver technologically best machineries and equipments. Our state of the art inventory includes Ointment Cream Making Plant, Contra Rotary Mixer, Lotion Processing Plant, Gel Processing Plant, Toothpaste Processing Plant, Shampoo Processing Plant, Gelatin Manufacturing Plant and more.
Ointment Plant in Nigeria

India is business center our company and we got great promotion with geographical advantage of such commercial capital of India. Furthermore we are fortunate to have novel U.S.A. technology by the collaboration with solitary distributors for Indian market. Our pharmaceutical machinery works with negligible vacuum drop during blending and mixing. Moreover it requires minimum manpower for the plant handling. We also want our business associates at mina, liesa, owo, lseyin, gombe, Ondo, Damaturu, Mubi, Gusau, Umuahia and many more cities.
Time spans of one and half decade has added value to our service and made us capable to be a leading manufacturer and exporter of ointment plants in India. Our machinery exceedingly used in pharmaceutical industry. Such machinery is also used as food industry machinery, cosmetic machinery, cosmetic and drug machinery.
Abuja, Ibadan, kano, Kaduna, aba, Ogbomosho, Maiduguri, katsina, akure, warri, sokoto, Onitsha, mina, liesa, owo, lseyin, gombe
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Ointment Plant Manufacturer
Ointment Plant India
Ngwaahịa àmà
Ude Ude Ime Osisi
Ndị dị rotary igwekota
Osisi nche Equipment
Ude N'ihi pharma
Ude Ime Machine
Ude n'ichepụta usoro
Ude nhazi Osisi
Ude Ude Osisi
Ude nhazi Osisi
Ude na nhazi Osisi
Jel nhazi Osisi
Ntacha eze nhazi Osisi
Sachaa nhazi Osisi
Gelatin n'ichepụta Osisi

Ointment Plant

Ointment Manufacturing Plant
Packaging Machinery For Ointment
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